Video showing Guelph police’s forceful arrest of man, 64, goes viral Dee Burman

A video of Guelph police officers forcefully arresting a 64-year-old man has gone viral after entertainment channel 6ixbuzztv posted it on Instagram.

The caption on the post credits Guelph’s Mercury Tribune for the video and reads “Super unnecessary. Posting for awareness.”

In the video, an officer is seen struggling with the man as he tries to fight back on the doorstep of a home. The officer hits him in the face a few times while the man grabs the officer by the leg. A second officer comes in to assist and is heard saying “stop resisting.” After some struggle, the man is turned over on his stomach and dragged inside the home a few steps while both officers try to place him in handcuffs.

Comments on Instagram called the use of force “unprofessional,” “unnecessary” and “unacceptable.”

However, Guelph police say the man was wanted on a warrant from the Ontario Provincial Police.

In a release, they said when officers tried to arrest the man, “a struggle” ensued and the man resisted arrest.

The man has been additionally charged with resist arrest and was released after his court date was set for April 30.

Guelph police did not comment further on what the man was initially wanted for, the use of force or the video in circulation.

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