Suspect arrested after “hold and secure” in Halton Region

Suspect arrested after “hold and secure” in Halton Region

Mark Slapinski

Halton Police have announced that the suspect who previously activated a “hold and secure” in the region has been taken into custody.

Earlier Appleby College was placed on a hold and secure. Staff and students were asked by Police to “remain inside their facilities.” Additionally, people living in the area were required to seek shelter in their basements.

Based on the Police’s public statements, it appears that the situation may have involved a hostage, but the details are not clear at this time.

Earlier reporter Marc Liverman stated, “gas was released inside so police and utility crews have cut off gas and power to the home and about 9 other residences in immediate[sic] area.” The details around this remain unclear.

The Police plan on addressing the public at a later time.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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