Linda Hasenfratz resigns from vaccine task force after travelling during holidays Dee Burman

A member of the provincial vaccine task force has resigned after travelling outside the country in December.

In a statement, Premier Doug Ford’s office said he accepted the resignation of Linda Hasenfratz, CEO of automotive parts manufacturer Linamar.

The statement said Hasenfratz apologized for her decision to travel.

After the holidays, it was revealed that a slew of officials travelled out of country despite all levels of government asking Canadians to refrain from non-essential travel to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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Officials who chose to defy safety recommendations included former Ontario finance minister Rod Phillips, NDP member Niki Ashton, Liberal MP Kamal Kera and Halton police Chief Steve Tanner.

A survey also found that nearly half of Canadians visited with family or friends over the winter holiday period.

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