Magnitude 5 earthquake shakes Cyprus; no injuries, damage News Staff

NICOSIA, Cyprus — An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5 shook Cyprus on Thursday, frightening some people who fled from their homes. No injuries or damage was reported.

The temblor struck at 4:27 p.m. (1427 GMT or 9:27 a.m. EST), Cyprus’ Geological Survey said, and was felt across the island. Its epicenter was in Cyprus’ southeastern corner at a depth of 55 kilometres (34 miles). The quake was also felt in neighbouring Lebanon, Israel, Syria and Turkey.

Many people in Cyprus took to social media to say how strongly they felt the quake with furniture shifting and lamps swaying, especially in high-rise buildings.

Cyprus’ parliament, which was in session at the time to vote on the country’s budget, halted proceedings after the speaker asked lawmakers to step out.

Cyprus lies in an active seismic zone where it’s estimated that 15% of the world’s earthquakes occur. The last major quake, measuring 6.8, happened in 1996 and was the island’s strongest in the previous 120 years.

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