The US Is Doing OK on COVID-19 Vaccinations

The US Is Doing OK on COVID-19 Vaccinations

Here, yet again, is the vaccination rate for the United States and a bunch of its peer countries:

Why do I keep posting charts like this? Because we’ve spent way too much time on doom and gloom about how incompetently we’ve rolled out the COVID-19 vaccine. With the well-known exception of Israel, we’re doing as well or better than anyone else. If we’re incompetent, then the entire world is incompetent.

Although different states have different issues, my sense is that in most states the real issue now is supply constraint—but this is, obviously, a manufacturing issue, not a government incompetence issue. On the government side of things, I’d like to see the FDA approve the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, which would help with supply bottlenecks, but obviously I don’t have the expertise to say for sure if this is a good idea. I guess we’ll know in a few weeks when folks in Britain either start keeling over from unanticipated side effects or they don’t.

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