Chipmaker Intel Corp. probes reported website hack News Staff

BOSTON — The computer chipmaker Intel Corp. says it is investigating a reported hack of its corporate website that prompted it to release a quarterly earnings report early.

The company’s chief financial officer, George Davis, told The Financial Times that Intel published its earnings ahead of the stock market’s close on Thursday because it believed a hacker had stolen financially sensitive information from its website.

“An infographic was hacked off of our PR newsroom site,” the newspaper quoted Davis as saying. It quoted an unnamed company spokesperson as saying Intel was notified that the graphic was circulating outside the company.

Such information could benefit a stock trader.

Intel’s press office would not answer questions Friday about the extent of the hack. It cited a statement it released Thursday that said: “We are investigating reports that non-authorized access may have been obtained to one graphic in our earnings material.”

The company’s stock price was down 8.5% in trading Friday.

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