Beijing says US military in South China Sea ‘not conducive to peace’ and urges rethink of Washington’s Taiwan policy

Beijing says US military in South China Sea ‘not conducive to peace’ and urges rethink of Washington’s Taiwan policy

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has urged Washington against repeatedly undermining Beijing’s internal interests, notably US military incursions into the South China Sea and supporting Taiwan’s independence.

On Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, told reporters that Washington’s South East Asia policy was not conducive to “peace and stability” in the region. 

“The United States frequently sends aircraft and vessels into the South China Sea to flex its muscles. This is not conducive to peace and stability in the region,” Zhao said.

The foreign ministry spokesman also contended that the US should rethink its approach to Taiwan and refrain from sending any wrong signals to “Taiwan independence” movements.  

Zhao urged Washington to abide by the one-China principle and not take actions that would damage Sino-US relations and peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

The comments come after a US carrier group led by the USS Theodore Roosevelt and three warships entered the South China Sea on Saturday. The US military said the move was to promote “freedom of the seas,” just days after President Joe Biden took office. 

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FILE PHOTO: A Chinese H-6 bomber flies next to a Taiwanese F-16 fighter jet, February 2020. © Taiwan’s Defense Ministry / AFP
US pledges ‘rock-solid’ commitment to Taiwan’s defense after island reports incursion of Chinese bombers & fighter jets

Also on Saturday, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry claimed that 13 Chinese warplanes had crossed into its airspace. 

Following the incident, US State Department spokesperson Ned Price demanded that Beijing cease its pressure campaign against Taipei, adding that Washington’s commitment to Taiwan’s defense was “rock solid.” 

The administration of former US President Donald Trump saw tensions soar between the two superpowers. Beijing has urged the Biden administration to adopt a new approach and engage in more dialogue with China.

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