Free guided trail tours offered at Lilley Cornett Woods News Staff

HALLIE, Ky. — Free guided trail tours are being offered at Lilley Cornett Woods Appalachian Ecological Research Station, officials said.

Weekend tours at the Letcher County site are being offered in partnership with Eastern Kentucky University, WYMT-TV reports.

Station intern Jeremy Wolfe says people can arrive without an appointment and choose which trail they want to take.

“It just makes it easier for people’s schedules. They don’t have to set up a time…they can just come out and be like, hey, I’m here, I’d like to go on a trail,” Wolfe said.

He says it’s one way people can get out of their houses safely and explore during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lilley Cornett Manager Curtis Cox says it’s a good way for people to see old-growth forest.

Cox said tours are also available during the week with an appointment.

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