Northwest Territories RCMP warn of noxious substances found in drug seizure News Staff

Police in the Northwest Territories are warning people not to use illicit drugs after two noxious substances were found in drugs seized in Yellowknife.

RCMP say they seized crack cocaine, powder cocaine and tablets on Nov. 27 at a residence in the city.

A Health Canada analysis of the drugs found two toxic substances not found before in the territory. 

Those substances are: Adinazolam, a type of tranquillizer that is listed under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act; and, 5-MeO-DBT, a psychedelic drug that is not controlled.

Yellowknife RCMP Insp. Dyson Smith says he’s concerned those who already use illicit drugs in the territory could be harmed by the substances.

The RCMP says it’s working with the government to address the potential impacts.

“RCMP always warn against illicit drug use, however, with the presence of two new substances in drugs seized in a Northwest Territories community, the danger of illicit drug use has increased,” police said in a news release Tuesday.

Dr. Andy Delli Pizzi, deputy chief public health officer, says there is concern the two substances could cause unexpected reactions or contain other contaminants like opioids.

“People who use street or illicit drugs should always do so with others present and have a plan to respond to an overdose. The plan should include having naloxone present and calling 911 for help with any overdose,” Pizzi said.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 26, 2021

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