Doctor claims he was fired from William Osler Health System due to pandemic response statements Meredith Bond

The Interim Medical Director of Critical Care at William Osler Health System claims he was terminated from the role due to his “outspoken, public statements about Ontario’s pandemic response.”

Dr. Brooks Fallis said he was deeply disappointed in the decision by hospital to terminate his contract, considering he says he had already received an offer to extend it.

Dr. Fallis claims he learned of the reversal of this decision in mid-January when he was told by senior officials that he was being let go as Interim Medical Director.

He claims those senior officials told Dr. Fallis because of his actions, “the hospital was under pressure from the provincial government, leading to concern about the possible loss of funding for the hospital.”

William Osler Health System released a statement, saying, “At no time has the provincial government given any direction or advice relating to HR matters at Osler. Any suggestion otherwise is absolutely false.”

They added they were unable to comment on human resources matters and that the role as Medical Director of Critical Care was an interim one  and they are currently recruiting a physician for this position permanently.

A group of doctors at William Osler Health System also wrote a letter to senior officials, saying they were shocked and saddened by this news and said they couldn’t support the Senior Leadership’s decision to terminate Dr. Fallis.

“We feel strongly that this decision does not serve the best interests of our patients, staff, or the institution,” read the letter. “We urgently request the opportunity to discuss this with you, by videoconference, given the limitations imposed by the pandemic.”

Dr. Fallis says he will remain a critical care physician at William Osler Health System.


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