New study shows some people with COVID-19 symptoms still go to work in Peel Region Michelle Morton

A new study shows that workers ignoring COVID-19 guidelines could be contributing to why Peel Region continues to be a COVID-19 hotspot.

Research conducted by Peel Public Health from August 2020 to January 2021 shows one in four employees went to work showing symptoms of the virus, and out of those workers, one per cent went to work after receiving a positive test for COVID-19.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie says nearly 8,000 cases were studied, and they “now have the raw data to show that people are choosing to go to work sick.”

“Close to 2,000 COVID-positive individuals in Peel reported going to work while symptomatic, they went to work with COVID symptoms,” she says.

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While the results of the study are startling, Crombie says she is sympathetic of the workers’ circumstances and the choices they have to make.

“That is pretty compelling evidence and data. If people are forced to choose between losing a paycheque and putting food on the table, they’re going to choose the paycheque,” she says.

Crombie says this shows one important thing is missing from the province’s response to the pandemic — paid sick leave for all Ontario workers.







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