LA’s Garcetti gets vaccine though he’s not in priority group News Staff

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti made clear in December that he would wait his turn to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, echoing county policy that nursing home residents, people 65 and older and medical workers will be first in line.

“I’m not jumping any queue,” he said.

But the 49-year-old Democrat was quietly vaccinated last week at the recommendation of medical personnel, after spending several days assisting health care workers at a large coronavirus vaccination centre at Dodger Stadium.

His office said Wednesday he received the first dose of the vaccine Jan. 21, his fifth day working at the site where he was “interacting with hundreds of Angelenos each day.”

“The medical personnel strongly recommended that he receive the vaccine, as they have recommended and provided for other field staff and volunteers at the site who have close contact with clients,” the statement said.

It wasn’t immediately clear why his office didn’t disclose the vaccination when it took place, or why Garcetti waited several days to receive it after starting to help workers at the stadium. His office did not respond to questions beyond the statement.

Last month, when the mayor was asked when he would receive the vaccine, he said, “I’ll wait for my place when it would naturally come, and not go ahead of that. … When they tell me I would normally get it, that’s when I’m going to get it.”

Michael R. Blood, The Associated Press

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