Headwater Health Care staff frustrated after manager’s son allegedly receives COVID-19 vaccine Meredith Bond

For the second week in a row, the actions of a senior staff member at Headwater Health Care Centre are being questioned after her son allegedly received the COVID-19 vaccine at a Brampton clinic.

CityNews received an array of news tips from staff members expressing frustration after discovering a casual employee of the hospital, who has allegedly not worked since August, had recently returned from school in Ottawa to receive a dose.

His mother is confirmed to be the manager of Headwaters’ Emergency Department and COVID-19 Assessment Centre in Orangeville.

“We can confirm that her son is an employee as a hospital runner/screener and a member of our frontline staff. He reports to a supervisor in a different department,” said Kim Delahunt, President and CEO of Headwaters Health Care Centre. “It is entirely up to the discretion of staff and physicians as to whether they disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status to occupational health.”

Because of this, Headwater Health Care Centre would not confirm if he received a COVID-19 vaccination, but that based on the current criteria, he is eligible. Delahunt would also not confirm when he last worked at the hospital stating that it is “private information as are any comments about our investigation.”

“I believe strongly she went to our partner hospital so no staff would see her son with her,” wrote one staff member to CityNews, questioning why during the current vaccine shortage, the hospital isn’t doing more to prioritize supply to active working frontline staff.

“This outrageous and unscrupulous behavior is intolerable in health care. Even now, we are finding out that staff are having their second dose of the vaccine canceled while this manager and her non-essential unemployed son have received their second dose of the life-saving vaccine,” said the staff member.

But this is not the first time the hospital has faced this type of controversy. On Jan. 14, a now-retired staff director had an elderly family member vaccinated during a break in scheduled appointments at the vaccination clinic.

“This incident reinforces that in a healthy workplace culture it’s a good and appropriate for people to speak up, either in the moment or after the fact. We appreciate staff raising the concern so we could investigate it,” says Delahunt.

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