Yes, Sen. Tim Kaine Is Still Harmonica Dude

Tim Kaine, the Democratic senator from Virginia and 2016 vice presidential candidate, is back in the spotlight this week for his plans to file a censure resolution that could prevent former President Trump from holding federal office ever again.

That got me thinking, does he still carry all those harmonicas in his briefcase?

It turns out that he does—in his backpack, not a briefcase, his communications director corrected me. He has one in each of the main keys, from A to G, plus an E sharp.

Since the Senate is unlikely to convict Trump of inciting an insurrection, Kaine is writing a resolution that takes language from the 14th Amendment as a workaround to ensure that Trump can’t be reelected in 2024. (The resolution’s prospects in the divided Senate remain unclear.) And, being Tim Kaine, he’ll do all this with a backpack full of harmonicas.

Listen to Kaine jam out below:

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