Twitter cracks down on COVID-19 vaccine ‘misinformation,’ acts as arbiter of TRUTH

Twitter cracks down on COVID-19 vaccine ‘misinformation,’ acts as arbiter of TRUTH

Associated Press

Twitter says it has begun labelling tweets that include misleading information about COVID-19 vaccines and using a “strike system” to eventually remove accounts that repeatedly violate its rules.

The company said Monday that it has started using human reviewers to assess whether tweets violate its policy against COVID vaccine misinformation. Eventually, the work will be done by a combination of humans and automation, it said.

Twitter had already banned some COVID-related misinformation in December, including falsehoods about how the virus spreads, whether masks are effective and the risk of infection and death.

“Through the use of the strike system, we hope to educate people on why certain content breaks our rules so they have the opportunity to further consider their behaviour and their impact on the public conversation,” Twitter said in a blog post Monday.

People with one violation — or strike — will see no action. Two strikes will lead to an account being locked for 12 hours. Five or more will get a user permanently banned from Twitter.

Facebook has also stepped up its vaccine misinformation fight after years of half-hearted enforcement. It announced an expanded policy last month that includes all vaccines — not just those against COVID-19.

San Francisco-based Twitter said the new labels only apply to COVID vaccines, not others.

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One thought on “Twitter cracks down on COVID-19 vaccine ‘misinformation,’ acts as arbiter of TRUTH

  1. Twitter along with Google and others are the majoriety of the problem with there lying double talk so called fact checkiing and they only represent themselves and those they think alike with at all costs anyone posting arguements and facts contrary to the masters of the internet will be sanctions and silenced and that folks is a FACT so no need to check it and say it isn’t.

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