TTC investigating employee allegations against Special Constables Unit John Marchesan

The Toronto Transit Commission has called for an external investigation into what it calls “serious” complaints of harassment, favoritism and improper overtime claims within the transit agency’s Special Constables Unit.

The TTC says the allegations were made through its Integrity Hotline and to the Human Rights Department over the past five months. After consulting with the Toronto Police Services’ Professional Standards Unit, the decision was made to conduct an external review.

“Investigators will look into allegations of discriminatory conduct, unequal treatment, and personal (workplace) harassment by certain individuals as well as claims that some employees received a disproportionate share of overtime and shift extension work,” read a statement released by the TTC.

“It will include interviews with witnesses and the collection of relevant documents and correspondence in advance of a final report and recommendations.”

The TTC says three employees within the Special Constables Unit have been placed on administrative leave during the investigation.

Workplace lawfirm Turnpenney Milne LLP has been hired to conduct the investigation, which the TTC says will take approximately 20 weeks to complete.

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