Juneau officials revise COVID-19 travel, testing rules News Staff

JUNEAU, Alaska — Juneau city leaders have approved changes to local COVID-19 testing requirements for travellers, including waiving a $250 testing fee for non-resident travellers who are tested at the airport and exempting “fully vaccinated” individuals from strict social distancing after testing.

The changes approved by the City and Borough of Juneau Assembly on Monday are meant to be encouraging for COVID-conscious travellers, KTOO Public Media reported.

The rules define fully vaccinated as people who have gone more than two weeks since receiving a second dose of a two-dose vaccine or more than two weeks after receiving of one-dose vaccine.

People considered fully vaccinated must still adhere to testing protocols, according to a statement from the city. But they do not have to practice strict social distancing for five days after arrival.

The city describes strict social distancing, in part, as not socializing with anyone outside the person’s household and not going indoors anywhere, except for one’s home or the place they are staying.

Non-vaccinated travellers must arrive with proof of a negative coronavirus test result, or they can get tested at the airport when they arrive and observe strict social distancing while awaiting results.

The rules expire at 12:01 a.m. on May 1, unless other action is taken first.

City Manager Rorie Watt said at the assembly meeting that officials “won’t be shy” about notifying the community if plans need to change.

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