Coast Guard says it has concluded tracking Alaska oil spill News Staff

SITKA, Alaska — The Coast Guard said it has concluded its monitoring of a diesel fuel leak caused by a fishing boat that sank in Alaska.

A 52-foot (16 metre) seiner was reported to have sunk Feb. 27 about three miles (about five kilometres) southeast of Sitka, the Coast Guard said. About 1,550 gallons (5,867 litres) of diesel fuel and oily water mixture were removed from the vessel’s fuel tanks, the Coast Guard said.

An additional 275 gallons (1,041 litres) of oil were recovered from the water. The residue was transferred and will be disposed of properly, according to the Coast Guard.

“After Hanson Maritime removed the fuel from the vessel’s fuel tanks, and removed the oiled fishing net, all significant threats from the Haida Lady have been removed or mitigated,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Brian Wereda, a marine science technician. “We will continue to work with the owner and our Port partners to monitor the vessel.”

The Coast Guard said that the effects on the environment were currently unknown.

The vessel was raised from the water March 3 using lift bags and dewatering pumps. The ship is now tied to the shore.

Charlie Skultka Sr. is the registered owner of the seiner, state records compiled by the Sitka Sentinel show.

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