Conservative Censorship? Twitter slaps WARNING LABEL on Tweet from Toronto Lawyer

Conservative Censorship? Twitter slaps WARNING LABEL on Tweet from Toronto Lawyer

Is Twitter acting as the arbiter of truth? Or is it merely silencing views and opinions it disagrees with?

Toronto based lawyer Rocco Galati had a recent tweet censored and labelled as “misleading.”

The tweet stated Statistics Canada “claims lockdowns, not COVID-19, are now driving ‘excess deaths’.” He went on to add, “soon we can add the vaccine death and irreparable injury toll to those stats.”

It is not clear what part of this tweet was misleading.

Galati is the founder of the Constitutional Rights Centre, which exists for the advanced of Constitutional Rights.

“The CRC is committed to resisting the unconstitutional ‘abdication’ or ‘abandonment’ of the legislative duty of legislatures and the unconstitutional delegation, particularly to private bodies, of public institutions and functions being the duty of legislatures and governments as gatekeepers of the public good, policy, and welfare.”, Mission Statement

Galati has been outspoken against lockdowns, claiming they are unconstitutional.


Many Twitter users have stated that this warning label constitutes censorship. Twitter has been accused of censoring Conservative voices in the past. Donald Trump recently spoke out against censorship during the CPAC forum. Many Conservative Politicians and Commentators continue to call out and rally against the perceived Censorship by Big Tech.

It is unclear if this is the reason Galati’s recent tweet was tagged, however, many Twitter users are of that opinion.

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