Pandemic-era Oscars lose glitz as movie buffs forced to stream films at home News Staff

Rob Guenette has for years made it his mission to see all of the major Academy Awards contenders in theatres.

The Toronto film buff would typically be at least halfway through that list before the nominees were announced Monday.

But this season, Guenette said he’s only watched one or two of the films vying for a golden statuette.

He’s among many Canadian Oscars enthusiasts who are finding it hard to get swept up in the awards fanfare as the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted communal cinematic experiences.

Guenette says moviegoing is a social activity, and it’s harder to muster the motivation to cross films off his must-watch list when there’s no one to discuss them with afterwards.

Entertainment reporter and producer Teri Hart says the rise of streaming has made it easier than ever to see the nominated films, so this year’s muted Oscars buzz seems to be a testament to the power of the big screen.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 15, 2021.

The Canadian Press

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