Brampton won’t support liquor licenses at 7-Eleven stores in the city Meredith Bond

Brampton City Council has passed a resolution to not support the liquor licenses at two Brampton 7-Eleven stores.

The convenience store chain recently applied for liquor licenses at many of its Ontario locations, endeavoring to serve alcohol inside its stores as a bar or restaurant would.

The resolution, which passed on March 10, does not mean the two 7-Eleven locations in Brampton will be prohibited from receiving their liquor license.

The final decision sits with The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO)

City councillor Paul Vincenti said, “We look forward to the AGCO and to the province considering council’s important input.”

Vincenti also said Brampton City Council had received a flood of public input on this matter

“We’ve received hundreds and hundreds of emails from people here in the city clearly indicating they are opposed to this application”

The councillor said concerns about public safety is what led counsel to pass its resolution.

Last month, the AGCO confirmed that applications for 61 7-Eleven locations of have entered the public notice phase and members of the community can file objections on their website as part of the routine licensing procedure.

In a statement, the company said they were “excited” by the province’s plans to extend the sale of beer and wine to convenience stores and are preparing for the opportunity to “showcase Ontario wine and craft beer products.”

They added that they plan on serving alcohol during limited hours in “designated consumption areas.”

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