‘Loud explosion’ reported in Tehran, police & fire department on the scene

‘Loud explosion’ reported in Tehran, police & fire department on the scene

A ‘loud explosion’ was heard in Tehran, Iranian news media and witnesses have reported, with reports indicating an “unknown object” went off.

A state television reporter on the scene of the blast – which is Park Mellat in northern Tehran – claimed an “unknown object” exploded, but no injuries have been reported, according to Reuters.

‌به دنبال انتشار خبر انفجار در حوالی پارک ملت، هم اکنون نیروهای پلیس و آتش نشانی در محل حاضر هستند.حاضرین به خبرنگار فارس گفتند منشأ انفجار دقیقا مشخص نیست. pic.twitter.com/F9ZHxwZnI4

— خبرگزاری فارس (@FarsNews_Agency) July 9, 2021

Fars News Agency was the first to report the explosion, though no details have been given about the cause or what exactly was affected by the blast.

Unconfirmed footage of the damage from the blast began making the rounds on social media shortly after initial reports surfaced. The footage showed massive flames, but media outlets and witnesses at the scene have not reported any similar fires following the incident.

تصاویری از محلی در داخل پارک ملت که گفته شده صدای انفجار از آنجا بلند شده. معاون امنیتی و انتظامی استانداری تهران گفت: صدای انفجار امروز در محدوده غرب در پارک ملت اتفاق افتاده. کارشناسان در حال بررسی موضوع هستند و اطلاعات تکمیلی متعاقبا اعلام خواهد شد. pic.twitter.com/jFDicgCFGa

— خبرگزاری فارس (@FarsNews_Agency) July 9, 2021

Images of the alleged blast site were posted by Fars, and did not appear to indicate any major damage to the area. 

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