‘That’s AWESOME’: Antifa cheers after Maxime Bernier gets ASSAULTED

‘That’s AWESOME’: Antifa cheers after Maxime Bernier gets ASSAULTED

Mark Slapinski

Antifa-linked accounts on Twitter are celebrating after the People’s Party (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier was assaulted at a campaign event.

Maxime Bernier was hit with an egg at a campaign event Thursday in Saskatoon. The perpetrator later posted a video to Twitter showing what happened. After requesting a photo with Bernier, the man hit Bernier in the head with an egg. After checking his hair, Bernier assured onlookers that he was okay. No charges were filed in relation to the incident. “I egged @MaximeBernier,” the individual later boasted on Twitter.

In response to the video, several Antifa-linked accounts celebrated the attack. One user tweeted, “love it.” Another user tweeted, “that’s awesome!” One Antifa linked account tweeted, “who is this hero?”

Antifa has been linked to violence in the past. In 2020, an Antifa-aligned protester was accused of killing a Trump supporter in Portland. According to VOA:

A self-identified member of the militant movement known as Antifa has been implicated in a fatal shooting and is reportedly under investigation in the killing of a supporter of President Donald Trump on Saturday in Portland, Oregon. The left-wing protest movement has resorted to violent measures in the past in opposition to right-wing extremist groups. 

Rebel News uncovered the identity of “Antifa informant” Kurt Phillips in January of 2020. Phillips is accused of harassing and slandering people he deems to be “fascist.” He currently works for the “anti-hate” network, an agency whose deputy director admitted to lying and spreading fake news about Rebel News.

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