‘You’re going to get HUNG’: Chris Sky arrested in Hamilton as supporters threaten to KILL police

‘You’re going to get HUNG’: Chris Sky arrested in Hamilton as supporters threaten to KILL police

Mark Slapinski

Notorious anti-masker Chris Sky was arrested in Hamilton on charges of “breach of an undertaking” despite his supporters demanding his release.

Chris Sky and his supporters met in Hamilton Friday for what was described as an “anti-vax event.” Sky and his partner were seen in videos selling merchandise. Sometime later in the event, Chris Sky was picked up by police and charged with “breach of an undertaking.” His supporters, some of whom have been spotted at Toronto anti-lockdown rallies, were seen following Sky as he was taken into the police station. One woman said the police had committed “treason,” before stating that the police would be “hung.”

Supporters of Sky were heard calling police officers “Gestapo” and asking how they sleep at night. In response to a video posted by Caryma Sa’d, a Toronto-based lawyer that was at the event, musicologist Jeff Daniels responded, “these people have no idea how lucky they are the rest of us have been as patient as we have with their idiocy. Not sure how much longer that lasts.”

Sky is currently out on bail for threatening to kill Doug Ford and other public figures. According to CTV:

Raucous anti-masker Chris “Sky” Saccoccia allegedly threatened to kill Ontario Premier Doug Ford, a peer in his anti-lockdown movement as well as all of Canada’s premiers earlier this month, and then drove a vehicle at a police officer who tried to arrest him.

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4 thoughts on “‘You’re going to get HUNG’: Chris Sky arrested in Hamilton as supporters threaten to KILL police

  1. Your report says they are threatening they will be hung…. There is not one death threat uttered in that video.

    1. With all those police there they would have arrested anyone there uttering death threats, especially to an officer! And they didn’t.

    2. It is easy to tell that they did not utter the death threats you are claiming, let alone any at all… they are clearly shouting “You all are going down”, repeatedly. The women at end says, “All of you are going down hill, I have your faces right here.” Clearly meaning that they are taping the whole thing and whether they have masks on or not they still have them on video for identification.

    3. How is anyone supposed to believe anything you report when you claim people are shouting death threats in a video that you attach to the same article, proving otherwise? 🤔

  2. Very misleading, not one mention of anything the headline states. This is exactly why we have no trust in media, thank you for confirming something we all know. Media has always been a tool used for propaganda, you parents must be so proud of you!

    1. I love how they put my pic and say “they will be hung” like I said that!

      And it’s not “anti vax” we invited vaccinated and masked we are PRO FREEDOM as the Vax pass = slavery

      The propaganda and lies are so obvious The People see through it

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