A terrifying week on campus at Western University Christine Chubb

In today’s Big Story podcast, Western has always been known as a party school, and with that comes a culture that can lead to sexual violence. But this year’s freshman orientation week (“O-week” as the school calls it) was horrifying even by that standard. Multiple accounts of sexual assault and violence are being investigated both by the school and the police. A fed-up student body led a 12,000-person walk out. And the administration has promised to take action and change the culture.

How? What happened two weeks ago on campus? How inevitable was something like this? And did an influx of young students, who had spent most of the past 18 months in lockdown only to emerge on their own for the first time, lacking support, make this even worse?

GUEST: Rebekah Rodrigues, news editor at the Western Gazette (You can read the Gazette’s coverage right here.)

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