VIDEO: Twitter reacts to young child using FIREARMS in Florida

VIDEO: Twitter reacts to young child using FIREARMS in Florida

Twitter is split between fascination and disgust after a video of a young girl shooting two pistols at once resurfaced and went viral. The video is from Autumn’s Armory, a YouTube channel that features an 8 year old girl using various different weapons.

Not much is known about the girl in the video, except that her website lists an address in Pensacola, Florida. Florida has relatively lenient gun laws when compared to Canada. After the video of Autumn was reposted with the phrase, “what is this madness?” Conservatives took the chance to celebrate the clip. Commentator Lauren Chen attacked the original poster, stating: “Male journalist terrified by young girl being able to defend herself.”

Andrew Kloster, the former Trump White House lawyer claims that children “need the skills for the next phase of civilization.” Austin Petersen stated that he admired how the girl tosses one of the guns.

Things took a turn for the worst after the original poster received death threats. Chelsea Hillier, a failed federal candidate, suggested, the original poster should be “tarred and feathered.” Her Dad, MPP Randy Hillier made similar comments about fellow politicians. The threats were reported to the Toronto Police.

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