Project Veritas may be engaging in ‘platform manipulation’ to promote vaccine disinfo: computer programmer

Project Veritas may be engaging in ‘platform manipulation’ to promote vaccine disinfo: computer programmer

Mark Slapinski

Computer programmer and creator of Bot Sentinel, Chris Bouzy, stated on Twitter he has evidence that suggests Project Veritas has engaged in platform manipulation to promote its new disinformation video on Covid. Bouzy accuses Project Veritas of engaging in a coordinated disinformation campaign against a private company.

Chris Bouzy is a computer programmer that tracks disinformation campaigns, specifically ones that make use of inauthentic accounts. According to Bouzy, around 11,000 accounts shared the latest Project Veritas video on Twitter using the same text to get the video to trend. The video is described as misleading, as it implies vaccines contain aborted fetal cells, which is not true. Fetal cell lines were used in the research and development of mRNA vaccines, but fetal cell lines and fetal cell tissue aren’t the same thing.

Bouzy claims that Project Veritas may be engaged in “platform manipulation” and spamming. When the hashtag #PfizerLeaks is searched on Twitter, multiple accounts sharing the same exact message can be seen. Another variation of the message asks Joe Rogan to invite James O’Keefe on his podcast. Some of the accounts sharing the video were created just before the video was released, and only posted the Project Veritas video. Project Veritas sent its followers an email asking them to share the video on Twitter, a similar call to action was posted on Telegram.

However, according to Bouzy, this may have been cover for “inauthentic activity.” Details on the suspicious accounts has been sent to Twitter for review.

Corroborating Bouzy’s claims is the fact James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, was previously banned from Twitter for using fake accounts, in violation of Twitter’s rules. According to a statement sent to TechCrunch:

A Twitter representative said the action followed the violation of rules prohibiting “operating fake accounts” and attempting to “artificially amplify or disrupt conversations through the use of multiple accounts.”

Project Veritas has a long history of engaging in shady behaviour. O’Keefe and his organization brought down community group ACORN by releasing a heavily edited tape. O’Keefe was sued for defamation, and paid $100,000 to settle the case.

The campaign has generated just below $500,000 in donations for one of the alleged whistleblowers. According to Bouzy, the whole thing is a “scam.”

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