Ghislaine Maxwell trial DELAYED after ‘unidentified’ attorney gets sick

Ghislaine Maxwell trial DELAYED after ‘unidentified’ attorney gets sick

Mark Slapinski

An unidentified attorney has become sick and needed to get care, delaying the trial for Ghislaine Maxwell until at least Friday. Around 10:30 a.m. Judge Alison Nathan adjourned the trial. According to the judge, the illness is not suspected to be linked to Covid.

According to local media, Ghislaine Maxwell’s federal sex-trafficking trial was “abruptly cut short Thursday morning after the judge said one of the attorneys in the case was sick.” On request of the attorney’s office, the sick attorney was not identified. A spokesperson for the US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan urged the media to request the lawyer’s “privacy.”

The surprise announcement followed extended discussion by lawyers in the judge’s chambers. The meeting was reportedly requested by prosecutors.

Annie Farmer, has yet to testify, and will likely testify on Friday.

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