Mark Slapinski

Mark Slapinski is the founder and lead writer at Toronto 99. The project was launched in early 2021 to provide an alternative to the mainstream media. Toronto 99 exists to feature stories and angles not properly reported on elsewhere. Read more about our editorial standards.

Slapinski was previously involved in housing-rights advocacy. He has launched petitions for various social causes including: saving a local bar in Toronto, removing Pierre Trudeau’s statue from a park in Vaughan, and demanding the resignation of an MP that was elected under false pretenses.

Slapinski has a background in social media and human resources. When he’s not filming commentary videos or chasing the latest scoop, he spends his time listening to music and sometimes plays some himself. If you look hard enough, you might even find some of his demo tapes.

Being an outspoken political commentator has lead to many false accusations against Slapinski. Don’t believe everything you read: it may be fake news!

If you wish to contact Mark Slapinski, please do so at the e-mail address provided. Abuse and spam will be discarded.

Contact: [email protected]