‘Where’s the RCMP?’: David Suzuki labelled a ‘terrorist’ for threatening to bomb pipelines

‘Where’s the RCMP?’: David Suzuki labelled a ‘terrorist’ for threatening to bomb pipelines

Mark Slapinski

Climate activist David Suzuki is being labelled a “terrorist” after publicly threatening to bomb pipelines during an interview with CHEK News on Saturday. Suzuki made the threatening remarks during an Extinction Rebellion protest in downtown Victoria.

David Suzuki made a threat to Canada’s oil and gas industry, warning that if they fail to act on climate change then pipelines will start “blowing up.” According to his interview with CHEK News:

“There are going to be pipelines blowing up if our leaders don’t pay attention to what’s going on

It is now the age of consequences. We need action. We need a declaration of a climate emergency by this NDP government and we need them to begin to act with the reality of that emergency. We need changes in policy, no more investment in fossil fuel infrastructure.”

Many people interpreted this as a threat and are calling on the RCMP to investigate. According to one person, “every Canadian should be on the phone to [the] RCMP filing a complaint about a terrorist threat to bomb our oil infrastructure by David Suzuki. You and I would go to jail if we threatened to bomb Suzuki’s properties.”

Another person commented, “this appears to be a call for violence against pipelines and the energy security of all Canadians. Where’s the RCMP?”

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