Quebec to make vaccines mandatory, resisters face ‘significant’ penalties

Quebec to make vaccines mandatory, resisters face ‘significant’ penalties

Mark Slapinski

Quebec is set to become the first Canadian province to make Covid vaccines mandatory. Adults that refuse to get vaccinated will soon be subjected to a “significant” financial penalty, as announced by the province’s premier while speaking to reporters on Tuesday.

The Premier of Quebec, Francois Legault, declared Tuesday that all adult residents who refuse to get vaccinated against Covid without a valid medical exemption will be fined. While the amount of the fine has not yet been decided, Legault suggested to reporters the amount will be “significant.” The move is meant to curb hospitalization numbers. According to Legault, 50% of intensive care patients are unvaccinated.

The move to fine unvaccinated people was seen as an example of government overreach by some, which people wondering on social media whether obese people and heavy drinkers may be targeted next.

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