Toronto pharmacologist signs open letter to censor Joe Rogan

Toronto pharmacologist signs open letter to censor Joe Rogan

A pharmacologist and PhD student based in Toronto, Canada, has outed herself as one of the people that signed an open letter to have podcaster Joe Rogan deplatformed from Spotify. Close to 300 medical professionals have signed an open letter calling for action against Joe Rogan for spreading “misinformation.”

Toronto-based pharmacologist Sabina Vohra-Miller outed herself as one of the many doctors and health professionals that have called for Joe Rogan to be deplatformed. Sabina runs a non-profit organization, the Vohra Miller Foundation, with her husband. According to her website:

Sabina values healthcare but is aware of the systemic racism and structural factors that impacts many communities and leads to inequities in health. 

Sabina is also very passionate about science education and advocacy. She focuses a lot of her efforts to counter the avalanche of mis-and dis-information on social media.

While the open letter doesn’t outright call for banning Rogan, it calls on Spotify to develop a policy on “misinformation.” Sabrina has since locked her account, but screenshots of her bragging about her attack on Joe Rogan’s freedom of speech continue to circulate. One person demanded an investigation into Sabina to determine whether she has received payouts from pharmaceutical companies or a government agency.

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