Toronto doctor slams Trudeau’s tough stance on unvaccinated truckers

Toronto doctor slams Trudeau’s tough stance on unvaccinated truckers

Mark Slapinski

A Toronto doctor slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday for implementing a policy that will see unvaccinated truckers banned from Canada. Dr. David Jacobs, President of the Ontario Association of Radiologists, warned that the mandate is likely to be ineffective, and will hurt the supply chain. The supply chain has been in crisis since the start of the Covid pandemic.

Starting tomorrow truckers entering Canada from the U.S. must be fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated truckers will be subject to a strict regimen of PCR testing and quarantine requirements. The move has been criticized by experts. The head of the Canadian Trucking Alliance said the policy comes at a bad time, pointing to existing problems with the supply chain including clogged ports, sick workers, and rising inflation.

Dr. David Jacobs weighed in, stating, “a vaccine mandate won’t convince all truckers to get vaccinated, but it will impact our supply chain. Rather than pursuing a mandate destined to fail, perhaps we should rapid test truckers at the border.”

The Covid pandemic has caused a global supply chain crisis, and Trudeau’s move to ban unvaccinated truckers from the country is predicted to make the crisis much worse. Industry experts warn that the supply chain crisis caused by the Covid pandemic could last for many more months, possibly even years.

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