Ontario doctor faces job loss after comparing public health measures to Nazi Germany

Ontario doctor faces job loss after comparing public health measures to Nazi Germany

Mark Slapinski

Patrick Phillips is currently under investigation by the CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) for possible violations of physician guidelines. Dr Phillips is a controversial doctor, that has taken to Twitter to voice his anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine views. He was the subject of two complaints, both accusing him of spreading “misinformation” about lockdowns and vaccines.

Dr. Brian Fielder submitted a complaint about Dr. Phillips in January this year. He complained about Phillip’s social media posts, and how they contradicted the official position on lockdowns.

I was gravely disappointed to see the comments being made by Dr Patrick Phillips from Englehart
Ontario with regards to vaccinations and lockdown orders. I do not envy the decisions our political leaders are being forced to make but they are being made after extensive consultation top scientists and infectious disease physicians. Another physician speaking out against the lockdown so blatantly is an attack on the recommendation of their physician colleagues.

The second complaint was submitted by Dr. Austin Zygmunt. He slammed Dr Phillips for promoting the use of Vitamin D as an alternative to public health measures.

There are many examples that could be provided after reviewing his social media and traditional media but I have highlighted some more recent comments that are highly concerning, including: comparing current public health measures in Ontario to the genocide of Jewish people by Nazi Germany in World War II. Claiming without evidence that Vitamin D is an effective alternative to public health lockdown measures for preventing transmission of

In response to these complaints, Dr Phillips states he could lose his job.

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6 thoughts on “Ontario doctor faces job loss after comparing public health measures to Nazi Germany

  1. Dr Patrick Phillips is a Canadian HERO!!!
    These courageous doctors being threatened for simply respecting their Hippocratic oath is deplorable and outrageous!
    The only investigation required is of the officials at the CPSO who appear to be jeopardizing our public health, in order to push some sort of hidden government agenda.
    Everyday, more substantial evidence proves these doctors are on the right side of history and hopefully, someday, guilty officials will be on the wrong side of a jail cell.
    Dr. Phillips would make Terry Fox proud.
    Joseph Bambrick

  2. “I still have a job but will likely lose it soon. If I do I will reach out for financial assistance” Yep, another whacko trying to raise $$ off his misinformed, anti-scientific cult members. Shameful. Go get a job where you can’t harm others.

  3. I wonder what other deadly illnesses Dr. Phillips has decided that he doesn’t wish to treat with medically-accepted treatments due to some weird ideological quirk or plain misunderstanding of science? Being Dr. Phillips’ patient could be dangerous to your health. He needs to be closely watched and investigated.

  4. As a former Englehart resident, I would have been honoured to have Dr Phillip’s as my family physician. I will be praying for him. Truth will overcome the lies and propaganda fed to us by the main stream media, government, and “Government medical Bureaucrats” following an agenda. There is no debate anymore, only one agenda to follow. Censorship is at an all time high (can you say communism?). Time for everyone to turn off the TV (brainwashing) and start doing your own research. When you find the truth, you will not be happy!

  5. Dr. Phillips is a hero!
    The CPSO, CMO @TamiskamingHU along with Tam,Trudeau,Hajdu are obviously under payola of THE NEW WORLD ORDER, Agenda-21, George Soros and the Fauci Cabal!
    Big Pharma et al are an evil bunch of oligarchs!

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