‘Oops’: 205 people in Niagara asked to get ANOTHER Covid shot after vaccination ‘error’

‘Oops’: 205 people in Niagara asked to get ANOTHER Covid shot after vaccination ‘error’

Mark Slapinski

205 people that attended the Niagara Regional Public Health clinic in Port Coulbourne are being asked to return to the clinic for another Covid shot after 6 individuals received an injection of saline instead of the vaccine.

The clinic was unable to determine which people received saline and which people received the vaccine, but have narrowed the list down to 205.

“The safety and well-being of the clients we serve is of the utmost importance. We deeply regret this error, and want to reassure the public that immediate corrective measures have been taken. This includes additional checks in our processes to catch such errors, additional training of staff, and new documentation to track doses from the freezer to the client.”

Niagara Region, News Release

This means some people will have to go back for a third Covid shot to remedy the error. According to the news release, “receiving a third dose of vaccine is safe, though it does not provide significant benefit.”

According to a recent Ipsos poll, 82 per cent of the 1,000 adults surveyed have either already been vaccinated or are awaiting their appointment. Federal health officials want to hit a 75 per cent vaccination rate among Canadians aged 12 and over for provinces to begin “loosening” health restrictions, with at least 20 per cent fully vaccinated.  Dr. Tam recently stated that the vaccination rate should be 80 per cent or higher due to the “highly transmissible” Delta variant. Many Canadians are unhappy with Dr Tam’s performance, with people demanding she be fired, or even jailed for her performance as Canada’s Public Health Officer.

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