‘Leave us alone’: Jordan Peterson slams ‘unconscionable’ mandatory vaccines

‘Leave us alone’: Jordan Peterson slams ‘unconscionable’ mandatory vaccines

Mark Slapinski

Jordan Peterson slammed Justin Trudeau after his health minister floated the idea of mandatory vaccinations for Canadians, calling his actions “unconscionable” and warning the move would cause unimaginable “grief and misery.”

Dr. Jordan Peterson has been a strong critic of Justin Trudeau during the Covid pandemic. On Monday, Peterson demanded the Prime Minister simply leave Canadians alone, attaching a link to a National Post article that discusses Ottawa’s “180-degree turn” on mandatory vaccines. Previously, Trudeau rejected the idea of mandatory vaccines. However, it appears the PM had a change of heart. In response, Peterson stated, “what you are doing is utterly unconscionable. This is going to cause more grief and misery than you have the courage and intelligence to imagine.”

Last week, Canada’s Federal Health Minister stated the provinces could make vaccination mandatory. This lead to speculation Canada will see a mandatory vaccination program similar to Austria. The Austrian government announced in December it would make vaccines mandatory, and fine citizens for non-compliance.

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One thought on “‘Leave us alone’: Jordan Peterson slams ‘unconscionable’ mandatory vaccines

  1. Good for him! Justin trudeau has been spewing so much hatred at various groups it is a wonder why he hasn’t been arrested previously for hate crimes . hope the crown throws the book at trudeau. (i am surprised he hasn’t insulted the blacks, natives, asians or any other group. he is dead set on dividing/destroying canada, like the traitor to canada he is.

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